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About Us

Helping business owners get their menus online since 2007.

We are a restaurant-centric online ordering company designed by a restauranteur who understands how a restaurant should operate.

Years Of Experience
Proud Partner of the US Military

iMenu360 cares about local businesses.

The iMenu360 platform is a robust, intuitive, feature-rich and affordable solution started by a restaurateur with over 15 locations and 30 years in the industry and designed to solve the operational challenges that owners face every day.

Having your own online menu will prevent you from losing more money to third party companies who charge high commissions for orders.

We’ve designed a solution with state-of-the-art technology that enhances the customer’s experience, improves efficiency of operations, and increases profitability. 

Our Story

The Story Behind iMenu360

Starting iMenu360 was no easy task. But what helped us keep going was our mission, i.e. To bring restaurants online. Excited to share our journey with you all.



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25 Employees

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100 Employees

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Our core values drive everything we do.

We believe in offering solutions that help restaurants operate better. Moreover, we believe that successful relationships are ones in which all sides can benefit equally.

iMenu360 products are built to help restaurants enhance their business at a fair cost. Restaurant operators need partners that work with the restaurants to make them more profitable, not less, and that’s what we stand for.

Latest Technology

We provide our restaurant partners the best and most advanced technological solutions.


As a proud partner of the US military, we are one of the few trustworthy brands that have a proven track record.


We are committed to help your restaurant grow in every possible way we can. Sit back and let us help you take your restaurant to new heights.

Experienced Team

We have a team whose vision aligns with the brand goals. An exceptional team that is always ready to push limits to help you grow your restaurant. From customer support to the best technological solutions. Our team is no less than a team of superheros.

Our Features

iMenu360 Features

Menu Setup
Mobile Ordering
POS Integration
Individually Branded Apps
Coupon Engine
Loyalty Program
Accept Credit Cards
24/7 Customer Service
Delivery Zone Geo-Fencing
Order Dashboard Panel
Reporting & Customer Database
Printer & Smartphone & Tablet
Landing Page
Order Monitoring Support
Customer Feedback Surveys
Restaurant Manager App

Learn How to Fight Back Against the Portals

There has been a sudden surge in the growth of food ordering companies. This clutter of providers has put restaurants in a disadvantaged position. The restaurant community is under attack from 3rd party providers and restaurants are struggling to remain profitable.

To solve this problem and serve the interests of the restaurants, there is one low monthly fee instead of charging high 20-35% commission fees taking away a large chunk of the profits.

iMenu360's founder delivers over 30 years of experience in the restaurant space, so you'll gain all of the knowledge and tools to grow—low processing rate, having your brand front-and-center, keeping your customer data, and not being held hostage by 3rd parties.

Our Team

The amazing team behind Agency

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