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Social Media Marketing For Restaurants In 2022 : The Complete Guide

The complete social media marketing guide for restaurants.

With the remarkable growth of social media outlets, social media marketing for restaurants is becoming increasingly crucial for restaurants across the globe.

It is something that is very important, but also very confusing. There are a lot of ways to do it, but not a lot of clear advice on exactly how to do it. Social media marketing is something that a lot of restaurants do wrong. This blog will clearly lay down the path that you can follow to set yourself up for success.

Can you afford not to be on Social Media?

According to a survey done by SproutSocial, 75% of people purchased a product because they saw it on social media. Of that percentage, 60.7% need to see a post 2-4 times from the company before making a purchase. 

A grapgh showing the importance of social media for restaurants.

Since, now you know why Social Media is important for your restaurant, let’s jump to “how to do it?”

How To Do Social Media Marketing For Your Restaurant?

1. Complete All Your Social Media Profiles

Do you have your restaurant profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.? Good. But are all the profiles completed? 

Keeping your restaurant profiles completed and updated is one of the most basic yet important things that most restaurants forget. 

Key things to check on your all social media profiles:

  • A profile photo
  • Cover Photo
  • Bio
  • Contact details
  • Location
  • Add relevant links wherever possible
  • Uploading menu (Facebook Page)
  • Adding your services (Facebook Page)
  • Timings (Facebook Page)
  • A “Call-to-action” button (Facebook Page)
  • Allowing Reviews (Facebook Page)

2. Post Relevant & Engaging Content

This is something that can either help you acquire more customers or lose customers if not done properly. Let us help you decide how to create relevant and engaging content that your customers will love.

Ways to create content that your customers will love:

  • Research about your audience (who you’re targeting) & also keep an eye on what your competitor is posting on their social media handles.
  • Create high-quality food posts
  • Use user-generated content (reviews etc.)
  • Leverage individual platform’s algorithm. (for example, the Instagram algorithm prefers reels to normal posts. Try to create highly engaging reels. Try to ride the wave!)
  • Use moment-marketing
  • Go live
  • Post at the right times

Things that you shouldn’t do:

  • Too many promotional posts
  • Low-quality images/videos
  • Controversial content

3. Leverage Paid Advertising

Organic growth is slow, thus leveraging paid advertising can be useful if you don’t like waiting and want to see instant results. When we suggest using paid advertising, we don’t want you to abandon your organic growth efforts. Paid advertising and organic growth go side by side. It just amplifies your existing efforts, but if you are new and haven’t even started on your organic growth journey, then we’ll suggest you keep paid advertising aside for the time being.

What are the benefits?

  • Hyper-targeting
  • Fast growth
  • Reach more audience
  • Get more data
  • Track everything

And much more…

4. Collaboration

Collaboration can be a game changer if you collaborate with someone who is well known. Don’t be sad if you are just starting out and can’t collaborate with someone famous. You can try to collaborate with people who are not as famous as you want them to be, but are definitely more known than your brand. It helps your restaurant reach more eyes, meaning more brand awareness and eventually more customers. 

Key Things:

  • You can collaborate with a chef.
  • Social media influencer

5. Communicate With Your Audience

This is something that is quite underrated as compared to other points that we’ve discussed. What are the few things that a customer wants from your restaurant? Are you thinking of food? The answer is obviously “Yes” but if you thought “Good Customer Service” then congrats, you're one of those few people who care for their customers.

Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers. But, how to do it?

Let’s see:

  • Listen to their feedback
  • Give rewards for their loyalty
  • Resolve issues instantly through DM’s
  • Help them when they need you.
  • Run offers.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on social media marketing for restaurants. We are always excited to see our readers get success when they use our advice to help themselves get more customers. If you would like to discuss social media marketing for your restaurant, please contact us anytime. Thank you again for reading, and we hope to help you with your social media marketing in the future!

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