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Case Study: How the Nash integration with iMenu360 helped Sticky Rice slash costs by 60%, boost sales, and nail deliveries

How the Nash integration with iMenu360 helped Sticky Rice slash costs by 60%, and boost sales, and nail deliveries.

1. Cost Savings and Predictable Costs

Third-party delivery platforms, with their high commissions based on order value, were eating into Sticky Rice's profits. With Nash's per-order charge method, Sticky Rice saved up to 60% on delivery fees and now have a transparent and predictable cost structure allowing them to budget more effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and channel savings into areas that matter most, like expanding the menu.

2. Expanded Customer Reach and Increased Order Volume

By extending their delivery range up to five miles, Sticky Rice unlocks the potential of a broader customer base in Chicago. Not only do their loyal patrons enjoy the improved services, but this move also draws in a fresh segment of the population previously unfamiliar with Sticky Rice's offerings. As a result, the restaurant is experiencing a notable 12% surge in order volume, translating directly into heightened revenue.

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

With order tracking capabilities provided by Nash, Sticky Rice's customers enjoy a transparent delivery experience. Regardless of which delivery provider has been dispatched via Nash, there’s complete visibility and live tracking from pickup to delivery. Knowing exactly when their authentic Thai dish will arrive significantly elevates customer satisfaction, while giving Sticky Rice peace of mind as well.

4. Improved Operations

With the cumbersome task of coordinating with multiple small delivery service providers eliminated, the operational workflow at Sticky Rice is now more streamlined. This efficient system means less stress and confusion for the team, boosting morale.

Sticky Rice’s partnership with Nash is a testament to how the right solution can change the game.

With plans to expand and introduce new dishes, Sticky Rice is confident that its delivery concerns are a thing of the past, thanks to Nash.

A key part of this success story is also the introduction to Nash by iMenu360.

We have a commitment to helping restaurants maintain a strong online presence and reclaim power from third-party platforms—our goal is to provide our restaurant partners with tools and partnerships necessary to succeed in today's competitive food delivery market.

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