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Best Online Ordering Systems For Restaurants In 2022

No time or expertise to do thorough research on different online ordering systems? No worries, just go through this blog!

Online ordering is the future of food ordering. In the next few years, more and more restaurants are going to be switching to an online ordering system.

But how do you find the best ordering system for your restaurant? This blog provides you with a list of the best online ordering systems and discusses why these are the current top systems for your restaurant.

1. iMenu360

Review Rating: 5/5

iMenu360 is the ordering platform that helps operators keep their brand front and center. It offers easy website and POS integration - no contracts or start-up costs. It's designed to put customer information in your hands instead. No need to rely on expensive third parties that take high commissions and do not share customer data. iMenu360 provides operators with everything they need to enhance the ordering experience and attract customers to their website. This includes special online offers, first-time discounts, a loyalty program, curbside pickup, branded apps, and free contactless dine-in ordering with QR codes.

Pricing: Multiple products with multiple solutions. Pricing varies depending on the client's needs. They have no contracts.


2. Upserve

Review Rating: 4.8/5

Upserve is a full-service restaurant management system. It also includes options for bars, wineries, coffee shops, and bakeries. The online ordering system works seamlessly with its POS system, payments service, and mobile app. It's easy to implement and use, and 24/7 U.S.-based support is offered.

Pricing: The "Core" plan costs $59 per month and $60 per additional terminal. The "Core" Plan also includes Upserve Workforce, Upserve Marketing, and a live mobile app free of charge. Optional add-ons offered by this plan include Upserve Online Ordering ($59/month) and Upserve Inventory ($99/month).


Review Rating: 4.8/5

CAKE is a full-service POS and management system that includes online ordering. The cloud-based system allows you to take online orders and manage them alongside in-person orders on the same platform.

Pricing: CAKE's POS pricing starts at $69.00 per month. A free trial is also offered.

4. MenuDrive

Review Rating: 4.7/5

MenuDrive is a great option for restaurants that want to create a branded ordering experience on their website. Users can customize their POS and online ordering system by sending their menu, product photos, and other branding materials to MenuDrive, which then puts it all together.

Pricing: MenuDrive pricing has three subscription options - Monthly ($99/month), Annual ($90/month), and Enterprise (custom priced). The main differences between the plans include the menu setup fees and access to the enterprise management dashboard.

5. ChowNow

Review Rating: 4.7/5

ChowNow's online ordering system and app and aims to provide restaurants with an easy way to offer online ordering to customers via either their Facebook page, branded mobile apps for iPhone and iPad, or their existing website.

Pricing: Instead of charging a commission on every single order, ChowNow charges a flat monthly fee for the platform. Depending on the pricing plan, it's between $99 and $150 a month, plus setup fees per location.

6. Square POS

Review Rating: 4.7/5

Square's restaurant POS solution is an all-in-one in-person and restaurant ordering system. Orders are easier to manage because they all come into the same interface for users. This is especially helpful for restaurants that offer both carryout and dine-in business.

Pricing: There's no monthly subscription cost to use Square as an individual, and transactions cost 2.6% + $0.10. If you upgrade to a plan for teams, the monthly fee depends on the number of people you're scheduling for. Square groups, it's pricing into plans for two to five employees ($50/month) and six to 10 employees ($90/month).

7. Restolabs

Review Rating: 4.7/5

Restolabs offers an online ordering system for restaurants with many features. This includes Facebook ordering, multilingual support, and real-time analytics. It's a basic interface that allows you to enter your menu and then copy and paste a widget right into your website.

Pricing: Restolabs pricing starts at $45.00 per month. There is a free version, as well as a free trial.

8. eDelivery

Review Rating: 4.7/5

eDelivery is an online ordering system for mobile ordering businesses that do local delivery. It can be used for restaurants/food industries, grocery shops, laundry, alcohol delivery shops, or any business that does local delivery. eDeliveryApp is an online food ordering system with web, mobile, and Facebook apps integrated. Includes delivery guy tracking app as well.

Pricing: You can buy the system at a one-time cost, but need to contain them for pricing. There are no monthly recurring charges, no per-transaction costs, and no commissions. You own the code, and it is set up on your server. The script is open-source, so you can customize the system in any way you want.

9. JotForm

Review Rating: 4.7/5

JotForm is an online form-building software that also offers an alternative online ordering tool for those who don't want to use a restaurant ordering app. Restaurants can manage their operations with custom online forms and collect their orders. JotForm order forms can easily be set up for to-go orders, curbside pickup, or deliveries and integrate with more than 30 payment gateways to collect payments with no additional transaction fees.

Pricing: JotForm does not charge any commission or transaction fees. It has a free plan that allows you to collect up to 10 payments per month. Paid plans range from $24 to $79 per month.

10. GloriaFood

Review Rating: N/A

GloriaFood is an online ordering system for restaurants that allows you to accept orders for pickup and/or delivery through your restaurant's website and Facebook page.

Pricing: The basic system is completely free. You can accept unlimited orders for pickup or delivery without paying any commission and use the system for any number of locations. There is no setup fee or hidden costs. There are, however, a few additional paid upgrades, like to enable credit card payments.

11. Ordering. Co

Review Rating: N/A

Ordering. co is one of the best in the market for small restaurant ordering systems. Customer support is very good, with website and app support available in real-time. The platform allows companies to customize their websites and apps to fit specific business needs.

Pricing: Pricing ranges from $19 to $299 per month, depending on if you are an individual or a startup. Enterprises and franchises need to request a quote.

We know that it can be difficult to find the time to evaluate online ordering systems. There are so many options, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you want to get a system that is best for your restaurant and is customized according to your needs, you can try our tool for free from below. Just drop your email 👇

iMenu360 - One Stop Platform For All Your Restaurant Needs.

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