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Benefits Of Online Ordering Systems For Restaurants

Do you own a restaurant? See why online ordering systems are a must for restaurants.

In-house online ordering solutions have shown a high adoption rate among restaurants. Prior to COVID-19, many restaurants were already switching from 3rd party ordering solutions to their own online ordering systems, but after the pandemic, the switch has been rapid. As more and more customers go online, they expect to be able to order and pay via their preferred channel. In this post, we look at the five main reasons why your restaurant may need an in-house online ordering system.

1. All Profit Is Yours

What is that one thing that every restaurant wants? To increase its revenue so that you get more profits in your pockets, right? A 3rd party delivery app takes a large chunk of your profit. 

Get yourself an online ordering system (mobile app, website, etc.) and save the hard-earned money you are throwing out in high commissions. The cost of an online ordering system will be far lower if you purchase in-house software that you can control and administer yourself.

2. Better Customer Experience

A good customer experience doesn’t revolve around “tasty food”. It includes services such as delivering the food on time, exceptional customer support, rewarding your loyal customers, and much more. These things can do wonders for your restaurant's growth if done perfectly.

You know your brand and customers better than any 3rd party app, so why not deliver the best customer experience yourself? A happy customer can bring other customers to your restaurant, which means you get more customers without extra spending on marketing efforts.

3. Customization And Control

An in-house restaurant online ordering system allows you to be flexible and make changes on the fly. The 3rd party app does not provide you the option to fully customize and control your restaurant listing. Even if you want to customize things such as pricing or menu, you need to wait for them to make those changes live. What does that mean? They are limiting your options and eventually your growth.

4. Access To Data

It’s true when we say “Data doesn’t lie”. Having crucial customer data can help you grow and win over your competitors. Most of these 3rd party ordering apps don’t provide you with customer data. They keep all the data to themselves, making your restaurant go blind about who your customer is and what they want.

You can know your customers and their needs by collecting their data using an online ordering system. You may also communicate with them personally, rather than having another firm do it on your behalf and represent your brand.

5. Amplify Brand Voice

Want to make sure your brand always remains on top of your customer’s minds? 

You can do so by maintaining and building, a brand image through these online ordering systems.

But, the problem with these 3rd party apps is they are more focused on building their brand image rather than yours. All the restaurant listings look similar on these apps, right? So, how will the customer differentiate your brand from your competitors? 

Get yourself an online ordering system that you can change according to your brand and make sure your customers remember you amidst all these competitors.

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